Key number

Hi all, new to the forum. I just picked up a 85 VF1000R in pretty rough shape but the engine and running gear are sound, cams are good. Carbs are hosed, ugh.

But, it didn’t come with a key - a title, but no key. Go figure.

Can anyone tell me where to find the key code number? I’ve checked the owners workshop manual with no luck and searching here didn’t result in the information either.

All help is appreciated!

hi jay,

im 99% sure its stamped on the back of the ignition lock, also, your fuel cap key number is stamped on the back of the hinge that holds the fuel cap down, you need to remove it to see the number.
If your really lucky all your locks will still be opperated with the same key.

Ok, I’ve removed the ignition switch - it needed fork seals anyway and might I add that at 28K miles, I don’t think it was ever changed, ugh - and the key number is not there.

I’ve checked the helmet lock too, no joy.

Any other ideas?

if the locks are genuine honda locks the key numbers will be on there somewhere, hope these pics help

Ignition looks like A63 and box lock looks like A12.

Hi all, thanks for your help. I’ve found a key blank that does fit the lock and will take to my local locksmith, with switch, for him to cut a new master. I’ll sort through the other locks from there.