Looking for '84 Interceptor seat fairing

Hi folks, as mentioned above, I’m looking for a seat fairing of an '84 Interceptor. White base with blue stripe, in condition.
I do have one in bad condition on my own :).
I only found one fairing on ebay worldwide, but it has the wrong coloured stripe.
I’m located in Germany and if anybody has the right thing to offer, please leave a post.

Best regards,

Hi Markus,it sounds like you have the California only red and white paintwork.
These are very rare in Europe,perhaps it would be easier to have the blue decals reproduced and fitted to a white tailpiece.
CBdecals produce a kit for this model but they are not cheap
Regards Bif

Hi Bif, you’re right, that’s the model I do own. I noticed already that these are quite rare in Europe. In addition to that, stupid me missed to buy one complete bike as spare part on ebay last autumn >:(.
I checked the prices at cbdecals and decided to wait for better EUR - USD rate until I order :).

Many thanks for the hint!

Best regards,

Hey Markus ,

I actually have the part . Unfortuantely it is painted matt black now. See I purchased it a good few years back thinking it was a VF750F tail section . Only after I did all the work on it did I realize it was not the correct one . I am willing to take an offer on it and you will of course need to repaint it back to original . However it is solid and not cracked from what I remmeber . PM me if you are interested and I will give you my e-mail . I am located in Montreal,Quebec,CANADA . Cheers,