Looking to sell my Vf1000f

Knee problems force me to sell my much loved VF, not giving it away but looking for a fair price over £2k.
For sale.
(E)1987 Honda Vf1000
Very good condition, fork leg bottoms, clutch cover, alt cover,
front sprocket cover, front cam box, all powder coated.
Rest of paint original, odd rust spots on frame tubes.
Starts well and runs quiet.
Original silencers in good condition, collector box solid.
55,325 miles Mot for 12 months when purchased.
‘Holeshot’ modified oil feed by Dale Walker fitted when front cams
and followers reground by SEP in 2014.
New cam chain tensioner blades fitted 2014.
Hagon progressive fork springs fitted.
Tapered head race bearings fitted.
Front discs replaced with European ‘Lucas’ ones.
Stainless pistons and new seals fitted to brake calipers.
Goodridge brake hoses.
Carbs cleaned, new seals etc fitted in 2015.
Aftermarket regulator fitted 2014
Pair of Bridgestone BT45’s fitted, @ 54670 miles.
Moto Batt glassmat battery fitted 2014.
Starter reconditioned 2014.
Iridium plugs fitted 2015.
New chain and sprockets 2015.
Photostat Honda manual, spare cables, starter, front
mudguard, uplift screen and belly pan.
Self made carrier if required.
Located in Leeds, any view welcome

Unbelievable! I’ve been looking for something like this for the past 6 months, I buy one from Ritebike in Bradford last week and then this pops up! Roger it looks a beauty good luck.

Andy from Morley.

Bugger Viffer, I have been putting it off for ages, had a try on a couple of FB sites in summer but no bite…Great great bikes, good luck with yours…

Looks good. I’m just curious about your powder coated engine covers. Did you paint the inset HONDA white lettering on your engine covers after powder coating or put white powder in them and re-bake? I’m going to powder coat mine soon and am just looking for advise from someone who has already been there. I’ve also powder coated many parts on my bike already too.


I powder coated covers on my ff back in '14. A mate of mine with a steady hand filled in the lettering with white, Humbrol I believe. Still looks good, here are some pics, if you want close up let me know and I will go to garage tomorrow and snap some. cheers Rogimage

Still for sale, with specs as listed, run up to temp regular and kept in dry garage. Offers ???