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Having trouble with '84 model, 36k. Running a little jerky (intermittent) the. Cutting out, pretty sudden… Won’t start, even turn starter. Wait for 20-30 mins and starts, but running jerky. Problems with fan running all the time and/or headlight flicking off/on, popping fuses and with some similar symptoms like mentioned in the ‘starter solenoid’ thread. So far mechanic has explored fuel system, cleaned carbs, checked headlight and tried starter solenoid fix… But problem persistent. Note the thread about wiring beneath tank, but not had chance to review yet. Any additionally thoughts would be most welcome as stumped. Getting to the point (several months on) feel like abandoning it :-.

hi si,
It sounds like you may have a few problems, althogh its not the best solution, it has been fairly common for people to wire the fans up to run continually… if these have been wired up wrongly they can overload and burn out the contacts in the ignition switch, (I think this is what happened to one of the bikes on the recent scottish trip), which resulted in it cutting out and needing some attention at the road side,

Hi. Thanks for this. I did wonder about the fan- and had read that some have wired them up for continuous use - which does sound like what they’ve done to mine… I’ll check.
That’s very helpful.


Sounds like you might have some shorting, possibly as a result of some of that bodging around the fans.

Mine has been wired with a manual fan switch by the previous owner, and I’m not sure that the auto fan switch works at all anymore.

I need to have a look at it.

Good luck hunting your electrical gremlins.