Are there any manuals specific to the FF/F2 engines or do the some have an addendum section that covers the changes?

I’ve got my original Honda shop manual from Ebay UK. It covers both Fe and F2f -versions.

I have a genuine honda one for the FF and F2

Found one on e-bay but £32 plus £5 post seems rather excessive. I’ll dig around see if I can find a PDF version , I’ll post it here if I do so it can be added to the front page with the FE version

Ah after some time I have found a cheap yet mint original Honda Vf1000F/ FII-F workshop manual in the blue cover loose leaf. It only covers models with 18" front wheel and the pictures are all of the FF and F2 style panels so I presume this covers the FF I have. If anyone is interested I shall see if I can collar a sheet feeding scanner and convert the 250 pages to a PDF for reference.

If you can convert it to PDF I will add it as a download to the site, would be very useful.