Master cyl reservoir -small stainless part at inlet?

Which way is correct for the small stainless part at the bottom of the fluid reservoir where the fluid is drawn into the piston?
I can vaguely remember having trouble with a bike when I fitted this the wrong way round, manuals dont have enough detail to show correct installation. Im assuming the correct way is pushing the claw of the fitting to the bottom of the “intake” hole, and then the other end would be a sort of baffle to slow fluid return, and prevent interference with intake of fluid?
Then… is it the same for brake and clutch m/cyls?
Thanks in advance brains trust- hoping to get the old girl, (bike), actually self propelling tomorrow!

I would press it into the hole with the 3 pins up. The other part is above the hole next to it but has some space.
Pic is from 85 VF1000R service manual.IMG_20190615_205229

Depends on the manuals … :yum:

Pic from Clymer:IMG_20190615_210444

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Thanks! The R manual pic looks slightly clearer than mine, and the Clymer pic appears to show the tiny lugs standing up, and from the shadow the other section raised.