may be selling my VF1000 F 1986

Hi All , i may be selling my 1986 VF 1000 F Model UK spec , Blue and silver , later this year , can anybody tell me what it’s worth ,or what i should be asking , it is taxed and has 10 months MOT , above average year condition ,runs and starts well , still a great ride , also may throw in the FE import doner bike with it as well which has solid alloys com stars , cheers Andy UK

Depends how much people want to pay.I paid £900 for my 86’ FF model which is pretty tidy and £1100 for my 85’ Bol D’or.There are pictures in the gallery if you want to have a look.

Around £800 seems to be bottom price but i dont even think a minter would get £1500.

If the hard to get bits are good and the exhaust is not about to fall in the road and with good paint you get reasonable money.

They seem to be a bit more sort after now but prices are still low because of engine horror stories and expensive servicing.

Hi Crooky , many thanks for taking the time to reply and the good advice , just looked at the pics , there super condition , the model i got is identical to your FF , apart from black wheels , mine has only done 25k , and i’m about the third owner , i have had the bike since 2001 , it’s been stood years , just got it on the road this year , there lovely to ride , and i don’t really want to sell , but have too many other things on the go , also i broke the right side pipe , hitting a pot hole , so i had to have a weld , other wise collector box and pipes are still good , i now need to get fork seals sorted as well , as right side as sprung a leak , i do have a doner as well with complete engine that still turns , i will keep in contact with the forum if i decide to sell , thanks again for all your help , kind regards ,Andy