May be selling VF1000 F

Hi All , i may be selling my 1986 VF 1000 F Model UK spec , Blue and silver , later this year , can anybody tell me what it’s worth ,or what i should be asking , it is taxed and has 10 months MOT , above average year condition ,runs and starts well , still a great ride , also may throw in the FE import doner bike with it as well which has solid alloys com stars , cheers Andy UK

Seems like they fetch anything from £300 to £1600 going by what I have seen sold recently

I wish there was a collector for these bikes it seems such a shame to see them being broken up for spares. Just been quoted £870 for a custom exhaust to be made for mine as I cant get a collector box and the after market cans on it are awful . It sounds like a Helicopter .

Hi radicalrabit , many thanks for that , still not sure what to do , i’m with you on saving them , but finding parts to keep them up together gets harder , i have a FE donner just to keep this one on the road , i hate taking bits off it , i have still got a frame off another model , that i purcahsed as a pre broken bike with round cams and just a few bits on , the collector box was shot on that , if someone could copy them , it would make money i’m sure , the VF is still one of the best bikes to ride that i have had , it fits my short legs bang on , had a K100 previous , on tip toe at junctions , thanks again for your helpful info , will keep you posted , good luck with the custom pipe , Cheers Andy

These guys make a stainless steel collector for the VF

Also sports systems for the VF here ($900-$1100 AUD)

both are in Australia though