May be selling - what's she worth?

Hi all,

May be selling my VF1000 F-II Bol d’Or - the one I referbished last year:


She’s in really nice condition and I’ve invested thousands in her since purchasing in 2002.

Resprayed/new bodywork, new tires, new front brakes/mudguard, new r/h silencer, new rear wheel bearings, new bars and grips, braded hoses, valve clearences done 600 miles ago - cams fine :slight_smile: etc…

43600 miles and pulls like a train!

Exhaust collector has surface corrosion and some paint flaking from rocker covers - but in superb condition for a 22 year old bike!

Any thoughts on what she might be worth?


Iain! Whats going on? You can’t sell the bike until you’ve been to the VJMC rally with us!!!

If I was you I would keep hold of it, its a buyers market just now and no one is prepared to pay top notes for the VF’s, maybe a minter RG but not the F2. Wrap it up and put it in a box for a few years and keep an eye on the market or you will never get back the investment you’ve made in her…


Don’t do it, your hair will fall out, loose the winning rollover week ticket, etc, etc.

You know you’ll regret it!