Medical advise.

Hi All,
I know you guys are not doctors but maybe you have a good remedy i could use?
I took the ‘HO’ out last Monday and after about an hour my hands started going numb.
Some one once told me it is due to lack of circulation.
Would crap gloves or grips cause this?
I have also been told to have an aspro clear before a ride as it thins the blood and helps with circulation?
Anyone got any ideas or am i just getting too old for long trips?

Ride it like you stole it. [}:)]

No Paul you are not too old for long trips, if you are then I am buggered too! That’s not happening! Probably grips or gloves or a combination of both. Are your grips fat or thin? I have the same problem if I ride with thin grips partly due to a previously broken wrist, but mostly if I need to put weight on my wrists ie. riding a sports bike.
Also check for any item (nut, bolt,spanner etc) that could be jammed between the engine and the frame, it will cause vibration that will make your hands numb.

Are your bar end weights missing or smaller than standard? If not, maybe look at installing heavier bar end weights to reduce the vibration that sends your hands to sleep.

I`m with Aaron on the approach to resolving this. Bar end weights are really important to get right. A second idea is to perhaps get some of those spongey grips maybe. Personally I dont like them as I want a good firm grip on the throttle but it might suit you ?


Bar end weights are a great suggestion, they can disappear without being noticed.

Thanks for that guys,
Good to hear i am not getting too old as i AM only 44, saw a bloke the other day in his 80’s still riding it like he stole it.
I have changed my grips to spongy ones which are a lot thicker than originals but they do feel better and the numbness is not as bad as before.
I have gone for a different pair of gloves and again numbness is not as bad as before.
I had very little issues with my XR600 but my arms were directly out front with bars raised about 2 inches.
I might look at bigger/fatter/heavier bar ends to see if they helps.
I will give you an update on how it goes after trying a few things on the way to Phillip Island. (2 weeks of work left, woohoo.)

I had a similar problem very slightly on the new Bonnevilles but really, really badly on my ex Aprilia Pegaso. Worth experimenting with bar height and angle, maybe including risers? It’s not a one size fits all problem or solution though, because I’m better on a 2010 Thruxton than the Pegaso!

Going up one glove size can help a little bit too, especially if ‘your’ size is otherwise ok but too short for your fingertips. Cheers