model confusion

Hello guy’s,

I start to be very confuse about my model, each time I order a part, it’s seem to not match.

So, I suppose to have a VF 1000F 1985, that’s what the SN plate indicate, but example, my rear sprocket as 44teeth and not 43. My front brake handle is adjustable like on the R model.

Is there a Canadian version, named something else?

and where you guy’s buy parts, it’s a nightmare each time finding new parts!

Thank you


hi kevin,
I normally ebay and david silvers for parts, occasionally CMSNL.
I think there were some differences with the canadian models, If you could upload a picture of your bike it may give someone who knows more than me a chance of answering, (in the UK 1985 was the crossover of the FE and FF models which are very much different), I’m not even sure if canada had the FF, From the small profile pic your bike looks like a FE which is normally viewed as 1984.
The adjustable levers will fit on a standard master cylinder so may be a previouse owner upgraded,
UK spec is 43 tooth rear and 17 front as standard on all vf’s…