Hi All,
Has anyone ever tried cutting the left output pipe from the collector box and plating it to block it and fitting a larger pipe and muffler to the right side.
I damaged the left muffler when i hit the cow and was thinking of going 4 into 1’s but i can’t afford the cost of a complete new system.
Any thoughts besides the obvious (why do you own a bike if you cant afford it) would be good.

hi paul, here, some pics of old collector box i picked up with some other bits, it was way beyond saving so i cut a hole in the bottom to see what was inside it, i was quite suprised to see the rear pipes had about 200mm or piping running inside, the front pipes just extended about 25mm inside, none of the inlets seemed to be directly in line with the outlets, and the rears sort of crossed over, the left one ending nearer to the right inlet and visa-versa for the right…
I couldnt see there being much problem making it a 4 into 1 collector, hope these pics help

left hand rear pipe visible through the right hand inlet

view from underneath showing rear pipes crossing over

Thanks heaps Pete, looks like there wasnt much cutting to do and it might work.
When i get a chance, i might have a go at it.
I was thinking about a 2inch outlet for the right side as i have a pretty large muffler from a FZ1000 in top condition sitting around my shed doing nothing.
The pipe came off my mates FZ when the bloke baught it and gave it to my mate with the bike.
I dont like cross breading but when you got something for nothing, why not?