My first VF.

As I posted in the ‘Lounge’, just got a 85 VF1000F that needs a few jobs doing. Immediate thing is fork seals as it’s blown the l/h side. Whilst that’s getting sorted I’m going to re-powder coat the legs. I’m just waiting for the workshop manual to arrive, but, while the forks are apart, is it worth overhauling anti - dive at same time ?
Future (over winter) plans include -
Brakes - overhaul and stainless hose.
Replace screen, will look at the Wemoto one.
Strip and overhaul monoshock.
Having read of the fun you guys have with exhausts, I might take those off and fit new fasteners, copaslip everything. I also have to weld up silencer bracket. The weld as snapped and some goof, instead of re-welding, as drilled and pop riveted it :-
Anything else worth doing as preventative maintainance ?

Hi Yorky,first off welcome to the forum.
If you go so far as drop the collector box I would also drop the sump pan and check the oil pump strainer for debris.
It’s a bit of a hassle but just might save a major headache if it’s partially blocked
Regards Bif

Welcome Yorky, cant agree with Bif’s advice about the strainer in the sump. I’ve only had two VF’s but both had nice sounding engines but when I checked the strainer both were clogged horribly. It got me wondering how long they would have stayed “nice sounding” whilst turning blue desperately trying to suck what oil it can through a pin hole.


Thanks for the heads up on the strainer. Just changed the oil and filter. Didn’t do the sump, but seeing as it’s only about 3 weeks until I have to renew the road tax, I’ll just take off road for a month and do strainer, pipes, forks and everything else at same time. For another can of oil I’ d rather have the peace of mind knowing it’ s right.

RATS, Yesterday’s wiz out revealed either knackered discs or pads. I suspected 1 disc might be warped slightly as you can feel it pulsing through the leaver. Oh well, another job for the list.

Best finding out at the end of the season tho,at least you can be sorted for your summer
Regards Bif

I just purchased my first 1986 Honda Interceptor. It is a VF500F with 14,000 miles on it. Am I still able to be a part of this club if i do not have a VF1000?

Of course, since a fortnight, we’re no more racist against the 400/500/750 owners… ;D So you are welcome!