My VF aint starting

Hello mates,

My VF hasnt been starting off late. I usually take the bike out one a week or say once a fortnight. Since the last one month the bikes starter cranks but the engine doesnt fire up. After many tries i thought that the battery was not in full steam to fire the bike and got the battery chrged and tried this morn but the same thing happens. The moment i hit the starter, the starter cranks with inconsistent energy and goes up and down, i dont know if there is a problem with the spark or is the starter giving up. I also dont notice the neutral and oil lights going a little dim the moment i switch the engine run switch on which usually is the indication of power going to the plugs. The headlights are all bright and i dont think there’s a problem with the battery.

Pls help, im blighted by the situation[:(]. Wanted to ride the bike so much today. Is there a step by step diagnostic that i need to run through to get her back to life. Thanks.[:)]

Biking, Biking & er… Biking: the three great pleasures of life.

Hi there,have you checked you have a spark at all four plugs?Get a spare plug,pull one cap at a time,fit and earth the plug then crank the engine and there should be a spark.How old is the fuel in the tank?modern unleaded goes off in no time at all, so if you have a spark and the exhaust smells of petrol try draining the tank and carbs and use fresh fuel.To save the battery when refilling the carbs unplug the fuel pump relay(located next to the rectifier,under the left side panel)and short across the black and the white wires with the ignition on.let us know how it goes BIF.

Thanks for the reply BIF. I am getting the battery charged to work on your advise tomorrow. Will update once i finish with the same. Thanks again.

Biking, Biking & er… Biking: the three great pleasures of life.