Neccessary Upgrades!?

I am sure that like many of you, I have been around motorcycles for some time and over the years have encountered parts, products and additives that are at best of questionable quality or their ability to do what they claim on the advertisements, is at best dubiuos! So i thought I would share my opinions about 3 products that are for me an absolute must!! I also add that I have absolutely no affiliation with any of them, other than being a happy customer!!You should understand that my purpose for my VF was clear…to be a clean, nice looking and reliable moto to use for exteneded ride outs as well as local use.

I must add that my comments are based solely on my own expieriences, please feel free to add your own comments or expieriences in a reply!

Fully Synthetic Oil
For me this is a no brainer! I was involved with the very early trials of fully synthetic oils whilst I was racing Historic Touring cars in the late 80’s and early 90’s, as I was sponsored by Pennsoil. The difference the syntheic oils was nothing short of amazing! We were using big block V8 engines running at their limits. Just by changing to Full synthetic oils we went from getting through 2 or 3 engines a season to just running the same one all season!! So, after buying my Vf1000, and being mindful of the various problems of cams, oiling systems and gearbox issues that had plaigued earlier models (mine is an 86 with bigger cams, two oil pumps and a cooler, so I at least have the better engine!) I just knew I had to use Full Sythetic oil! But my biggest issue was which viscosity and how would the wet clutch fare? As I live in a warm climate I went for 10w50 and following some tests riding two up with 30kgs of luggage I was happy that stock clutch gave no slippidge issues. In the past I have needed to add stiiffer clutch springs to other machines to counter the better lubrication properties of fully synthetic oils. I would also add that before I changed oil and while I was repairing various issues with the engine, I continued to use the mineral oil already in the engine. One thing that I was not happy about was finding neutral when the engine was hot, a pain in the arse at best!! After changing to synthetic oil that particular issue never happend again!!

K & N Air filters

Again, a product that "Does what it says on the tin " so to speak! I cannot say enough good things about them but I want to add one caviat, I only use the filters that go inside a standard airbox!! In my expierience the filters that fit to individual carbs only give any advantage at the higher rpms. the reason is quite clear, if you remove the stock airbox you will invariably loose low end torque…exactly what road going machines need and use the most…those short rubber “trumpets” in stock airboxes are there for a reason, they smooth out the low speed airflow needed to give the correct lower rpm airflow to the pilot air system and Constant Velocity Vacuum slides on most carbs fitted to older “sport touring” machines.

Dynajet kits

They really work!! Another product that I have used on every bike fitted with carbs I have owned or rebuilt for over 15 years! But you have to be very honest with your self about how your moto is used! It goes without saying that the first step in any carb rebuild to to be sure that they are completely clean! So if you are unsure…sonic clean is always the first step! All of the major Japanese moto companies export all over the world and when they decide on jet and needle settings they absolutely must err on the side of caution, not withstanding regional variables like emmissons, altitudes and fuel octane and cetane levels, they have to set up the carbs for the worst case scenarios. So what we end up with is a compromise, at best!! Dynajet have been around for quite a while and have spent time on ther equipment to give us the possibility to jet the carbs for our particular applications.
So, first step…sonic clean, next step…slide diaphram rubbers in perfect condition, next…be honest with your self!!! For example in my case; I have a K & N filter and a 4 into 1 exhaust system but my riding style is modest speeds on the road, so a stage one kit is all I need!

The mechanical work is now done and I will spend time in the spring to do some repainting , in stock colours, so to be completely ready for some rideouts next spring!!

Please feel free to add your ccomments , I would welcome your input!


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