need 84 1kf solo seat hardware

I have completely rebuilt an 84 1000f, have everything done except the front suspension, and mounting a Daugherty rear shock. I have an almost new solo cover for it but I need the hardware to mount/ dismount the lock from the tail section. The tumbler is in the cover, but nothing between the cover and tail section.

I got my clip and spring from Dave silver in the UK :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion. I received an email response from them, and, no such luck. Trying to find an alternate way to at least keep the back end of it down without ruining anything, no holes or anything I would regret later.

as it should be the same as my VF an 84 Fe i assume you don’t have the grab handles fitted as if they were they attach to a bracket that joins the handles up under the tail cover,the lock barrel is held on to the tail by means of a big cir clip and sprung clip
think you need the latch assembly and some Allen bolts of 6mm and 8mm

are these missing completely :slight_smile:

Yes, I have the original equipment for the seat lock, but dont have the hardware to secure the solo cover to the tail section. I have chopped off and fitted whats left of the grab bars so I could mount the cover, but I cant really secure it.