Need: 85/86 VF1000R rear intake cam

Hello Folks,

I’ve got two sets of spare cams. Due to bad luck both rear intake cams have pitting. So I’m looking for a good cam to rebuild my spare engine.

Murphy says: If you have a working replacement, the build in engine won’t get broken :wink:

Both front intake cams look good, so if anybody wants to change, this is also possible

If anybody has information about a Company, reworking cams I would also be interested in that.



I also have the same problem and am looking to replace both inlet and outlet cams, please let me know if you get any joy with this , regards, Dan.

I used a company in the U.K.,Joy engineering to regrind a set of Boldor cams.
I sent the worst I had and had them ground for 12 degrees more endurance and 20 thou more lift.
The finish is very impressive compared with others I have seen done by SEP.
Cost was £60.00 per cam,and Phil Joy himself is a very knowledgeable and helpful guy.
Contact him on+441279 730682
Regards Bif

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I wish I had read this £452 ago!! I’ll save the number in case I have any more trouble , thanks for posting :+1:

Hello Bif,

I’m no native english Speaker. “Regrind” is taking away material? For more lift you need more material on the cam lobe? Did they weld before?

The surface of the lobe is hardened in some hundreds of millimeters. If you regrind them they have to be hardened again. For Boldor cams it is no problem. If you do that with 1000R cams the springs will also be hardened and tend to brake. So you need to disassemble them and rivet them afterwards.

My local company worries that the timing can get wrong because the sproket is shrinked on the cams and when they put it in the oven for hardening it may get loose and turns a little bit.


But I will contact Phil and maybe also megacycle in the US because i have a worn set that could a base for rebuilt engine.

Have a chat with Phil,he explained the type of material used on the cams as being tough not hard.
There was no need to reharden the cams after grinding(done wet to keep the cam cool) and the extra lift is achieved by reducing the base circle of the cam,the part you set the valve clearance on.
As I say he is very knowledgeable on the subject and has been doing this for years
Regards Bif

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