Need a collector.

Collector box where can I get one made…

Ecko Moto in Gerstheim (France)

Two wheel spares have a very tidy one for £165
proper name is DK motorcycles Leek Staffs
regards Bif

Thanks Bif will ring them now…

No not got one they didn’t think they were the right people either. .The search goes on…

Ecko had one in fair condition for 160€ or can make one in s/steel. If you don’t speak french,I’ll ring him for you…

Been in touch with “twowheelspares” the collector is still listed in their eBay shop
Regards Bif

What is the difference between F and F2 collector, are they interchangeable as is, or with modifications ?

they have a 750 not a vf1000 collector just looked

will you ask what he has and what a stainless one will cost.

I’ll ring tomorrow morning :wink:

I’ve just had Sam on the phone.He sells the second hand collectors for 150€+postage (around 40€) in good condition,without rattling bits inside. For the V4H80 members,the price is 130€ and he agreed to sell it to you at that price + postage. I forgot to ask him the price of the S/S collector but it’s around £500,I believe…

I just joined the VF1000 side of the Forum as I actually deal in VF1000Rs . I would have a nicely refurbed collector for you for about $200 US , that would be the collector blasted and properly repainted with gloss black high quality/temp . paint . I believe the 1000F and R collectors are compatible. This of course if you or someone you know still needs one . I also refurb the mufflers of the 1000R with new stainless wraps.

There is always this option…,1449.0.html