Need help on parts

Hello to all…

I have a 84 vf1000f…bad coil pack…bad fuel pump…any parts available to cross fit? Thanks

If you are in UK, Wemoto might be the fastest way. They list coils, and usual problem with fuel pump is burn contacts. My writing about contact replacement is here: , anc Wemoto sells the contacts too, for example here: . Nobody lists those contacts for our V4 pumps, but they are very same. Also the cut-off relay might be defective, that can be tested by shorting black and white wires in three-wire connector when the power is on.

Thanks. I am in the US. I have tried the pump, it works however it does not pump out the proper amount of fuel as specified by the repair manual.

does the fuel pump look like the one on the left of the picture ?
if it does take it apart carefully and check its not full of rust.
if its rusty bin it and get a replacement

picture below

look on ebay for vf in germany there is a company breaking some vf’s now lots of spares and some new bits too