Need help!

It was a busy day today… connected the radiators and fixed the throttle and choke cables, replaced the clutch and brake levers, and a few other odds and ends.Ran into a snag now…
It wont turn over with the starter button… if I bridge the starter solenoid she whirls over but will not start… Doesn’t appear that the fuel pump is kicking in either… I jumpered the fuel relay and nothing… The bike is in neutral but the neutral light does not come on and I’ve replaced the bulb with one that I know is working and it won’t whirl with the clutch engaged either… It seems as if there is no power going to the fuel pump, neutral switch, and the clutch switch… I have the headlight plugged in but It is not turning on either but that could be the bulb… I’m going to take my ohm meter and check all switch continuity to verify them in the morning.
Any suggestions would be great

I have an extra wiring harness that I’m probably going to switch out if the switches all come back clear

hi windex, i would be having a look at the multiplugs on the right hand side of the fairing, especialy the one for the right hand switch gear

I will be looking at the plugs when I check the switches in the morning… Any of them have anything to do with the fuel pump though? I really doubt I’m having issues with all the individual systems, there must be a common issue with all of them… a relay somewhere perhaps? The start switch is one problem but shorting out the fuel pump and it should start clicking…

The 30 A fuse in starter solenoid is OK ?

[:)]for future reference
the fuel pump only clicks when the fuel lines are empty
but when the carbs and pipes are full it stop’s pumping due to internal pressure
then as the carbs empty it starts pumping again till full

replace fuel filter if old and check for rust from the tank
it happened to me

The tanks not on and there shouldn’t be any fuel in the carbs. I have the fuel line running into a bottle of fuel. She hasn’t been running in about a year… The fuse in the solenoid is ok and even tried swapping out the solenoid… Going to tinker with a few things this afternoon and probably swap out the wiring harness just to make sure… Does the headlight, signal lights, etc have to be hooked up to complete the circuit?

hi windex, as far as i can remember the headlight is on its own circuit separate from the tail light,i dont think the indicators (turn signals)have any bearing on things…

ok I got her running! swapped out the wiring harness and the solenoid was clicking but not engaging the starter so I swapped out the solenoid and she started up. Now I have just a few issues… 1st, the neutral light and the oil light does not come on when the key is turned on, but if you put it in gear and press the start button they both come on, but the engine doesn’t turn, unless you engage the clutch… I know the engine wont turn when she is in gear but the neutral and oil light is whats bothering me… 2nd, after the bike is off for a few minutes and you turn the key on and push the start button nothing happens…absolutely nothing… no click from the starter solenoid nothing, but after a few minutes you try the start button and voila she turns over… and will keep turning over if you keep pushing the start button until she sits for a few minutes again… I’m thinking its a grounding issue somewhere and will check them out tomorrow since its getting dark here and I don’t have power in the building it’s in right now…

Turns out the wiring harness had nothing to do with it, hooked the original back up and its doing the same thing…
very Intermittent starting with the start button… new info though… Still no neutral or oil light on when the key is turned on. When the starter button is not working and the bike is in gear the two lights don’t come on when the starter button is pushed, but if the starter button is working and the bike is in gear the two lights come on. I checked the grounds and they look to be fine. the headlight and the signal lights work. I can always start it by bridging the starter solenoid. I was thinking that it might be the starter switch itself but that wouldn’t account for the two lights. I tested the neutral switch and it come back clean.
I’m all out of ideas…

Could it be the ignition switch at all?