New member from Perth. Western Australia

I have just purchased an 85 VF1000R.
I went in to a bike shop looking for a new jacket for the upcoming winter down here and spotted this bike sitting amongst the other second handers and it just stood out from the crowd.
I new it was something special and new I would have to talk the wife into me being allowed to buy this new machine.
Anyway I did plenty of brown nosing over the weekend and then chose my moment to drop the idea on her.
And believe it or not she went for it. Sort of. But enough for me to believe it would be O.K. I would worry about the consequences later!
So I took it for a test ride and put down a deposit and by then it was all too late to do much about it!
19,000 on the clock, 4 into 1’s, very clean and close to original.
Took her for a bit of a blast today and she just flies! What a machine is all I can say. I am one happy/lucky boy.[:D]

Cheers from Mark down under.

Hi Mark,
Welcome aboard, sounds like a good buy, only 19000k, must have been only used on Sundays!
I have an 84 F model in many pieces at the moment(bought it 3 months ago), hopefully back together by spring.
Good luck with the wife, but sounds as if she has taken a liking to it!

South Australia

Originally posted by planty

Good luck with the wife, but sounds as if she has taken a liking to it!

South Australia

Thanks Tony. She may have taken a liking to it (just) but I doubt she’ll get on the back of it.
I just keep telling her it’s an investment!

Big hello from me Mark F…glad you got your way!..But, WHAT did you have to do to ya missus to get her permission…nothing physical was it?[;)]


Now get some pics posted up…[8D]

No nothing physical Tim. Just give up the ciggies and sell a dingy that hasn’t been used for three years.
Pics will follow. I will try and take some this weekend.


the same happened to me 10 yers ago, when i saw my vf1000f on e-bay…
it was wondeful… so i started to offer money, and i won…
next problem was how to tell it to my wife…but i did it. She react not so bad as i expected, she only told me i was crazy spending that money.
The owner was 400 km far from me so i took the car and travel there to see my bike for the first time(near Genova).
Give him some money and some weeks later, with my owner certificate and insurance, hop on a train and went down there to pick up my bike and ride back home. It was amazing…
Nice remember it…

Thanks John. You can’t beat that new bike feeling can you.