New member from Sweden

Hello everyone one,

My names is Otto and I hail from Sweden, I’ve had an urge to buy a VF1000F for about a year, but havn’t really jumped the gun untill a couple of days ago when a VF1000F with about 60 000 km on the clock listed at 12 000 SEK (~ 1300 Euro) poped up on the most uesd Swedish advert site. This was the first VF1000F I’ve seen in about 6 months…

Well, a quick chat with my dad, who already owns a VF1000F, and we decides to go up and take a look at it, and if it wasn’t crap I would buy it. It so happend that this would be the longest I’ve ever spent at a person looking at a bike, maybe mostly because it took us (him) over an hour to get it started…he didn’t have a functional battery (I brought 3 with me) and there was something amiss with the gas pump…well it got sorted and it sounded good, at least my dad thought so.

Seeing that it didn’t have a battery and the rear disc was overly worn I haggled the price down to the even sum of 10 000 SEK (~1100 Euro) and we loaded it up and brought it home. Havn’t had time to take a closer look at it yet seeing that I’m at work, but I have a good feeling about it!

The thing that got me turned of last time around was both that there wasn’t any decent ones around at the right price, and that I’ve read up on the cam shaft issues and everything that might cause the failure of them and how to solve it. I guess I’m bound to check the valve clerances since the previous owner hadn’t done it for a while, and I’ll take a look at the cams then, keeping my fingers crossed.

Is there any real consensus on wether it’s the lubrication, hardening of the cams them selfs or the lack of in-line bored heads? I guess I’m already prepared for camshaft failuers but don’t know if I should bother with oil mod kits if the problem is something else. I’m thinking for getting a VF1000F2 engine or at lest the heads from that, if they are interchangeble to the FE and if the F2 has the cam bearing blocks in line bored with the heads.

At least it wouldn’t hurt to have a spare engine around, or two, since I’ll ride this bike for another 50 years I’m thinking…

Not counting the VF1000F I also have a Kawasaki Z1000R, a Z1000J project bike, a yamaha SRX-6, a Yamaha XS650B, a Yamaha TT600 59X, a XZ550 Vision, a Honda CX500 (1978)…but I’m most likely selling the XZ and maybe the CX as well.


Hi, and welcome to group. I do not know the real reason to cam failure, but as far as I know, the latest versions are not affected as often as earlier ones. During years the oil circulation in cams was developed, and line boring was added to the production procedure. The thing is, that some cams wear and some not, probably luck with manufacturing tolerances and good maintenance (proper adjusting, quality oils) have something to do with it. In my opinion F2 of Ff heads are not interchangeable with Fe heads. Line bored heads are wider, and when swapping engines frame modifications are required. I have assembled the 2 pipe oil mod kit in F2, and I am going to assemble the kit in both Sabres too.

Hi Otto, welcome to the forum!