New member hello

Hello all,
I am a new member of this forum and a new owner of a 1985 VF1000RE, should be a picture below if I loaded correctly.
Always loved these bikes and now own one and am happy to join this forum, N



welcome to the forum. The exhaust looks like the ones I have seen in NL and also the houses in the background :wink:

RE ist 84 model, maybe registered in 85.


The bike was registered in 1984 (not ‘85 as i said), previous owner (1 owner from new) said he thought the bike was number 4 of 100 UK bikes, not sure how to check that though.
I am based in Cotswolds where this picture was taken.
Not sure about the exhausts, I plan to change back to standard silencers when I can remove these from the collector box as currently one of them is stuck!