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Hi there,
My name is Gary and I live in southern Spain
I have just bought another VF1000FF ( I had my last one new in 1986) to go along with my VF500 VFR 750 and my RD500 so as you can see I amd a bit crazy on V four engines.
I am driving back to the UK in a couple of weeks to collect this VF and get down to tidying it up.
My question to you all is as it is a 87 model is it worth fitting a
dave dodge oil kit or will it have the latest mods fitted?
I am in the US next week on business and was pplanning to pick up a kit.
I see on his web site he still has lots of good kit for the VF including the oil kit and lots of hairy cams clutch,s etc,
Bye for now

Hi Gary and welcome mate…I should repost this in the Owners Lounge…this is the Sales and Wants Section and your post saying hello will get missed by the millions of Members who frequent the Owners Lounge…[8D]