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Hi Guys

I am the owner of a VF1000RG which I have been riding for about two years now on and off I will post a picture or two later but I am now looking at a revamp which will mean a repaint as the bikes paintwork is a bit tired now and this will also mean I suspect a new exhaust system or a good part of it as I have not taken it apart yet as it still sort of works, blowing a bit but I suspect if I start taking it apart it will be gone in a few places. I am trying to source a new one with out much luck I can get the cans but its the rest that is a problem I would like to get original cans as well but will fit after market if I can’t. the other bit that’s missing and has been from the day I bought it is the oil level cover so I am also trying to get one of them as well not much hope I suspect anyway hoping that someone here may be able to put me on the right path thanks guys

Dave,we have had a message from practical sportsbike mgazine looking for an R to use in next months feature.If you are interested call Chris Newbigging on 01733468396.Regards BIF