New Owner in oz

Hi All,
My first post. I am a new owner of a 1985 VF100FF in need of restoration. I hope to have it back on the road in 8 to 10 months. Picked teh bike up for free as it has bee dropped. Mostly cosmetic damage, motor purs like the day it left the factory. Look forward to discussing future issues/problem with anyone willing to listen.

Hi V4magic,
Sound like a good deal, can’t argue with a freebie! The engine purring is a bonus. What cosmetic damage do you have? any photos?
My ‘F’ is stripped at the moment, waiting for a few bits for the engine.
Fire away with any questions/problems you have as there are plenty who are interested.
where about in OZ are you?

Hi planty,
The damage to the bike is busted indicators, fairing is gone, brake master cylinder is smashed and there is a fairly decent dent in the tank. other than that its in pretty good condition. Should be a pretty easy fixer upper.

I am in Traralgon, Vic, where are you.


I’m in Pt Augusta SA, although my wife is from the Sale area in Vic[:)]
If the indicators are the same as the F model I have seen them on Ebay, (VF1000 International search from the US).
Also check out in the UK and in the US. They have an online parts breakdown by model which is quite good although shipping from the US is pretty expensive.
I can’t remember seeing a fairing around for these, but lots of emails to bike wreckers may help there!


Hiya v4magic…big welcome from me…Can’t be bad having freebie vf’s thrown at you…you Aussies eh!?!

Let’s have a few pics and keep us updated on your repair…


Hi v4magic, If you want send me an eMail and I’ll see what I can help with as I have a bit of a collection of parts and bikes now. eMail:
Was down at Traralgon for the past 4 weeks working in the power station. Was also born there quite some time ago as well, who knows we might be related…Hahaha…

TinyTim - Mate your in the wrong country if you want to ride bikes, Get your ass on a plane and come over for a look, you’ll possibly stay. We live in the lucky country of Australia you know…

Gooday All, New to the site. I just pick up a vf1000 1984 original condition on ebay unseen at a very good price. I plain on making it into a project. The paint work is very good for it age and I think the application of Armourall on a black motor works a treat. There is small leak in the exhaust system in the converta, other then that engine sounds good, ride very well.
I would like to keep it as original, just concerned with the pipe. Any ideas!!