new owner, loads of questions.

Hi guys, I am Steve from Leighton Buzzard UK, I have just taken delivery of a lovely 1984 VF1000R. This has been standing for some years so obviously has some issues. I have a couple of questions, First, the thing is a pig to start! Full choke, no throttle, she fires up but stops in 2-3 seconds. Any hint of throttle when cold and it won’t fire at all, so choke no throttle, fires up, stops, so repeat repeat repeat until there is heat enough to catch it on the throttle. She then warms up and appears to run fine. I suspect clogged carbies and stale fuel any other ideas? Having done the above the battery is now flat so next question, how do you get the seat off? I have removed the 4 chrome screws locating the side panels and tail piece, I have located the 2 hooks under the centre of the seat but can see no way to release them.Any advice greatly appreciated.

Not sure if the R has a helmet lock on left side under seat level, if so turn key fully opposite way to helmet lock, this releases a catch via cable at rear of seat, works for my F model. Hope this helps…

Strip and clean carbs and check CV diaphram’s,fresh fuel and all should be good.Have patience though carbe are hideous to work on.

Hi Steve,the R seat is secured by two flange dome nuts accessed through holes just in front of the rear indicators.Proper cleaning of the carbs is a must if the bike has been sat for a long time.Its not a fun job,right from removing them to getting them back on the bike,but not rocket science either.I can recommend ultrasonic cleaning as giving the best results I have had when working on these carbs.Just be methodical and only work on one at a time.regards BIF

Hi Guys, Thanks for the advice, we all seem to agree that the starting problem is bunged up carbs so that will be the first job. Bif, spot on with the seat retaining bolts, it is now off and battery charging. I don’t know if I would ever have found those suckers under the seat, cheers.