New RE Owner


I thought I should introduce myself here, since I’ve been browsing the site and found lots of good information here, along with a knowledgeable community.

I have just bought two VF1000Rs from ebay here in the UK, I’ve always wanted one and the chance for a “buy one, get one free” was too good to miss!

I am also into Honda CB900-1100s, having a modified CB900 (single-sider, etc.), a CB1100Rb being restored, a CB1100Rc as a long-term project (5 years with my work rate), and now the two VF1000Rs.

One of them is a runner (although it’s clearly not original, as it is on cast wheels (16 and 18 inchers), and I’ll tidy that up a little and run it, the other needs a full restore.

I’ve been browsing and searching the web, trying to find the key identification features for the various models, so that I can be sure which ones I can use for reference, versus which ones are just for interest. I am certain that my two are REs, although one is clearly an import from somewhere they use Kilometers. Their frame and engine numbers fall in the right range.

I’m looking for an RE parts list so that I can start work (I tend to read these …), I keep finding VF1000R lists for 85 and 86 models which I’m assuming are RF and RG, is that correct?

If that is the case, where do you get an RE parts list from, even CMSNL only has a US 86 list?


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Hi again Hondamax,
Only way I managed to get proper RE parts list was with an official Honda parts microfiche. Type 320274256930 into Ebay search and you will find what you require.
All the best.

Mr CoastRider, excellent pointer, fiche bought, sanity saved …!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!



Dont know if you are a member of the VJMC,one member advertises in the Tansha mag converting fiche to hardcopy,it may be worth a look.85 and 86 models usualy refer to the US models which use mostly the same parts as the RF and RG.There are differences in the gearbox,fairing mounting and paintwork to name a few.The RE engine and gearbox are totaly different to all the other R models.Welcome to the wonderful world of V4s.
regards BIF


Thanks for that, I used to be a member of VJMC but got bored … I think I’ve got some Tanshas, I’ll check them out. Thanks to CoastRider I’ve just got an RE fiche, so one way or another I’ll be able to know exactly what parts I need but can’t get … I speak with the experience of a CB1100R owner …!

Thanks for the welcome!