New to the site/not to the V4

</font id=“Arial Black”></font id=“size3”></font id=“red”>Just a few lines to say hello and let you know I’m a serious Honda owner with 2 84 F’s, an 85 R, a 79 CBX, with an ST1100 just in case I have to chase more parts. I have some parts in storage should someone have a FOUR in need of assistance. I found a couple of rolling chassis with only plastic missing and have robbed some items along the way for mine but much remains for others. 1 is an 84 F the other an 85 R and both would be worthwhile rebuilders as they now repose should the desire for such abuse infect you. Either one could be a great donor except for the plastic. BTW, there is no known cure for Fasthonda, it’s a desease your spouse and offspring must endure.

If it’s fast, it’s probably NOT a harley!

Hey Katman, impressive collection of FOURs. Welcome to the forum.

May the VeeFours be with you :slight_smile:

Thanks PAJ for the welcome. As to the collection, it equals my ex wives at five. Nice to find that the bikes dont demand alimony or child support and if they get testy you just park em under a tarp in the barn for a while. Be well, Katman.

If it’s fast, it’s probably NOT a harley!