new VF

jUST PAID £850 for a vf with about 24k on the clock, I have the original invoice for it being purchased new and a mountain of documentation with it.
There are a few faults but all in all I think It was a good buy .
The carbs needs stripping and cleaning, the fuel tank tap leaks and there are minor body scuffs than need a visit to a talented resprayer.
I wish I had a garage where I could work on the bike , and the knowledge to get it done myself but back injury recent operations etc, mean working on the bikes is just beyond me at the moment.

Anyway hope to see some of you if we manage to get a meeting of vf’s sorted for the spring/ summer . And I was told a few days ago the reg plate is worth more than I paid for the bike !

Hi mate, 850 is not a bad price for a goodish one, I paid 600 for mine and it looked a right dog, I spent around 350 fixing it up and getting it painted, now I love the bike and so long as you understand its from the early 80s era it will keep the rider very happy.

which model did you buy ?

The new bike is the same as my first one, a VF1000 F2F bOL DOR
It has the original Honda tool box, the original sales invoice for £3800 and has most things still intact. It does need the rear fairing replacing as the tabs are missing in a couple of places.
The main fairing is in pretty good condition and the gear change feels a lot more positive than my older bike does,

The fact that the registration number is theoretically worth more than I paid for the bike is a bonus.
The thing is since My operation I have been thinking of selling off the bikes anyway but wouldn’t unless I can get a sensible price for them

That sounds very cheap for a low mile bike!

Ineed to find a fuse box cover for the earlier bike as it was smashed off when they tried to pinch the bike if anyone has one …