New VF1000R owner

Good day/night to all the members on this forum, thought I would follow etiquette and introduce myself as I know a lot of people get offended in jumping into forums as a newby without an introduction.

So after the kids of all left home 3 years ago I started after 30 years buying projects and restoring them for my own personal collection, as a precision engineeer/instrument maker I have been undertaking the projects myself. To date I have restored 2 x CBX twin shock and 3 x CB1100R, I now undertake restorations/re-commissioning as a pastime and for beer money!

I have searching down a VF1000R for some time now and had been looking for a project, a couple of weeks ago I secured a package deal of a VF750F a CB1100RC and a VF1000R project. I will put a post up of the VF on a separate thread as I have an issue with it being an oil burner!.

Here are a couple of my restorations for your bike porn addiction like me.

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OK then, a serious collector :slight_smile:

Fair play to you, you know your old Hondas.
Are you going to to do straight restorations or resto-mods?

A Freddie Spencer VF750F is a gorgeous thing!

Welcome to the forum longclose… you have a nice collection of classic Honda’s there. … think the cb1100r looks cracking…

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