no spark from 1 coil

hi lads
heres my problem 1 of my coils isnt sparking and the rev counter has gone off the coil is fine cos when i swap wires from the other coil it works theres a yellow wire from the coil which goes to the rev counter and the spark unit thats fine so im thinking its the spark unit what do you guys think??

cheers gary

Hi Gary,
What you describe is the usual MO for a failed ignition unit.
Only thing is if yours is an FF you only have one unit.So have ou checked the pick up coils?Disconect the multiplug on the pulse generators and check the resistance across the white/yellow and yellow wires then the white/blue and blue are looking for around 470ohms.Let me know what you find
regards BIF

Hi Gary.

PAJ is correct. The symptoms you have are absolutely typical of the igniter unit having failed, or one of the pick-up coils going open circuit (less likely).

If you find that the pick-up coils are both intact, I have a good FF igniter unit in my parts box…[8D]


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Hi, has anyone had one of these igniters apart yet? [:0]I had an old yam XJ650 and the igniter went down, I got some replacement capacitors, (Maplins) got a mate to get me two transistors (RS components) and got another mate to solder them in, hey presto! it started working again,[:D] all for less than a tenner, apparently the capacitors have a limited lifespan of 10 - 15 years,[:0] and the transistors wear out,[:(] but I have’nt had a chance to look inside an igniter for a VF1000,[xx(] on my FE its an Hitachi similar to the XJ650 but a different code, Phil.

Hi Gary,
any progress with the no spark problem?I should have suggested using two bits of wire toswap the signal from the white/blue and blue wires over to the white/yellow and yellow wires at the multiplug from the pick-up coils.This would eliminate the pick-ups as the problem.We have spare pick-ups here if you need them.
regards BIF

hi lads thanks for the replys well it was down to a igniter unit i managed to track 1 down (took 3 weeks to find 1)got it put it on and guess what that was nackered as well but on the other side so i tried summit i didnt think would work i wired then both up in series and and it fired straight up and runs sweet as a nut