Been watching the news about those fires near Sidney. Hope you guys are OK and lets hope the weather changes to allow the firefighters to make some inroads ?

All the best guys.

i saw that too martin… its crazy weather again, if only we could send our V4 Australian cousins some of our unwanted rain.

Thanks for the thoughts guys, I hope there are no VF1000.com members affected, these fires are incredibly large. I don’t know if it’s true or just the media beat up but yesterday there was talk of a 300km fire front if the three major fires joined, two already have.
Luckily I have no fire threat where I am, but there are hundreds of homes lost already and miraculously only one life lost. Still one too many though.

How are you going Hippo? Any fires near you? How about you Paul?, William?

Hi Guys,

I am about 80kms from the nearest fire with no threat as i am in suburbia, BUT i can see a lot of smoke and sometimes even get the odd burnt leaf flying into the front yard. i feel for all those affected and am sadened that it is sometimes at the fate of young stupid kids lighting them.