oil behind the generator cover

hello. my vf1000 was running like crap between 7-8 thousand revs so i thought i would check the ignition timing. i started taking off the generator cover and oil started pissing out. ive never heard of a wet generator before so i assume its the crank oil seal. any insight into this would be greatly appreciated as i just got the bike on the road and i was looking forward to using it.


A spoonful of oil is not big wonder there, there is no seal between crankcase and stator housing. Ignition is not adjustable, I would search the problem in carb section.

thats good news. ive already blasted the carbs out but i suppose its time for a complete rebuild. i thought i would check the ignition timing just to check the pickup and the coils more for peace of mind than anything else. anyway, cheers


Only thing that can be adjusted (usually if the are changed, as I did) is the distance between phe pulse generators and starter clutch’s body. Those are on the right side, under clutch cover.