Oil filter centre bolt removal

I have been fitting my own made top end oiler tonight for testing before i start selling them.All went well until i came to remove the stock filter centre bolt.Anyone who has fitted a top end oiler could you please tell me how the stock centre bolt was removed.I have stud extractors but did not want to launch in with these and bugger it up.Please help if you can as i have VF1000 spread all over my garage at the moment.
Thanks guy’s

I used big plumber’s pliers. They will ruin the centre bolt, but in case you need it, the centre bolts are still available. Not much space to work, if you have the exhaust on, but it can be done.

EDIT: pipe pliers may be better term, sorry.

Sorry to interrupt Alan…but Dnapekko…re your spare oil filter plate…Did you get my email address?..I have sent it to you twice but not had a reply

here it is




Thanks, …and excuse me Alan…


And I have replied, received only one mail. I would sell it at cost (plate and new center bolt, plus O-rings), but obviously Crooky has developed a local substitute already. If somebody need a scan of original assembly guide I can scan and email it. The fittings had 2,5…3 mm holes, the hoses seemed to be Goodridge braided brake lines.