G’day All,

My '84 VF1000 had it’s first long distance run over the weekend. About 1700km in total, including a lot of constant 120 km/h running on the 'transport sections. I changed the engine oil to a 15W-50 mineral based before the trip, the level was about 3mm over max o the dipstick. At no time during the ride did the engine sound any noiser than normal, nor did the oil pressure light flicker. BUT, when I returned and did the post [wet] trip cleanup and check over there was no oil showing on the dipstick :-o

It took about 400ml to top it up back to the upper level on the dipstick.

My brother said the engine made no visible smoke, even with the occasional run to 9000 rpm, though he thought he could smell oil ‘fumes’ during slow running in traffic at times. Temp remained inside the normal range the whole time.

Is this something these V4 engines do? My motor is showing 78000km now. Should I be concerned?

As an aside, I learnt from this trip the ergonomics are not kind to my injured old bodyand even a modest 500km a day was an effort and left me in pain :-/ Any advice appreciated Guys! :slight_smile:

It is old enough to smoke isn’t it? ;D
I will be monitoring mine on it’s first decent outing and I expect that it will use “some” oil, hopefully not excessive.
In a perfect world it should use very little oil, but these bikes are heading for 30 years old so I would expect to see some oil consumption.
Can you fit a 500ml bottle under the seat/rear cowl area?

Hi Wills,
First, make sure you check the oil by the book: put the machine on the centre stand and let it warm for at last TWO minutes. Then, check the oil and put the level at 2/3rd of the dip stick. Always do this that way. 400cc of oil for a 1700km journey, even at moderate speed (Being a geriatrc hooligan, I indulge 7500/8000 rpm for long bursts on the highways with a 6500rpm average…) seems quite reasonable… About ergonomics, sorry,I have no recipe…

Hi from ‘The Boy’

I wouldn’t be too concerned about a bit of oil usage as the old ‘HO’ uses about 500ml a day, but i run high on the power/rev side of things and have been told many a time that i am a rat bag.
My brothers tell me they can smell burning oil at lights sometimes and when i hit it hard she blows smoke like a burning tyre in a camp fire, but as far as power? she can still boogie with the best of them, and is quiet as a mouse (at idle) so i feel a little bit a smoke shouldn’t kill the grass and i will rebuild the engine one day when i can afford the time and money.

I am in the same boat as you for injuries and am looking at a set of LSL handle bar risers from Sports Track and Gear. My brother Pat has a cbr1000f and put a set of bar risers from a vf750r which i reakon would fit straight onto our bikes but i am trying to get him to give me some more info on it, i even asked him to copy the invoice so i know exactly what part number and where he got them from. I will let you know when i find out more.


Thanks for all the feedback guys 8)

I have a topbox mounted so carrying 500ml of Motul 15W-50 isn’t an issue. It certainly isn’t down on power so guess 250ml per thousand km isn’t too bad! Might go to a 20W-50 for our HOT summer. Book says its OK. I need the pegs 50mm lower and the bars 50mm higher…then it would be perfect, ergo wise!
Cheers Will.

Hi William,
I made a set of highway pegs for mine from NSR250 alloy pegs bolted to a fabricated bracket where the front engine bolts are.
a few adjustments and they are excellent on the long trips, the trick is to change your seating position, even stretch out and lay on the tank with your feet on the rear pegs works for me sometimes.
When i find a set of bar risers that work, i will let you know.

Those highways pegs are a great idea! Any closeup photos by chance? If the fork legs were 50mm longer above the triple clamp it’d be perfect…would still be able to use the original Honda 'bars.

Cheers Will.

Hi Paul, not an intended thread hijack, but I notice you are running Pirelli Sport Demon front and Bridgestone Battlax rear tyres.
What do you think of them so far?
So as not to hijack this thread, you can pm me if you prefer or email me at tonybrown.308@gmail.com.

Hi Tony,
They have worn a bit quick but aren’t too bad as far as grip.
I said in a previous post that i love the Michelin lasertec’s but when i got these at a bargain i could not refuse.