I was reading Robyn Landers opinions on Oil last night (http://www.math.uwaterloo.ca/~rblander/oil_opinion.html)

What oil do you recommend using in the V4 engines?

Peter. [:D]



I’ve always used Mobil 1 in all of my bikes (well, recent years anyway)…


I’ve always used Castrol GPS semi in my FF,
I do a bit of sprinting now and again and after a run (before and after the rebuild) the gearbox feels a little un-lubed & stiff!?
how do you get on with your Mobil 1 after you’ve given the bike some beans??[}:)]

We still use the trusty old Castrol GTX 15/40 and I haven’t experimented much with other oils in the FE yet.

The bike is still burning oil, but we have a theory about the exhaust setup on the FE that might be affecting this, will need to wait until I’ve got the correct collector box and new pipes on it to see if it makes any difference.

Do your bikes use any oil?

Didn’t use mine enough last year (b4 I binned it!) to guage - perhaps a little - but barely noticeable.

My first VF1000 - a brand new Blue/Silver FF in 1987 [1] I ran for the first 12k miles of it’s existence and it didn’t seem to burn any…

As to Mobil one and gearboxes - haven’t noticed any ‘stiffness’ on the Bol - but my FZR1000 gets a little cranky sometimes in really hot weather - in town - stop start - and that’s running Mobil 1. No probs with the Duke on same oil (although that sounds like a bag f spanners at the best of times! [;)])

Most important thing with oil is regular changes IMHO - especially, I suspect, with the big V-Fours as they run fairly ‘hot’ - certainly seems so compared to my other toyz…

[1] My very first bike on passing my test - passed test 12 o-clock… Quick handshake to examiner - who asked if I was going to get a larger bike - me said ‘yes - a VF1000 Honda - and it’s sat waiting in the garage for me right now!’ He gave me a rather peculiar look and I was on my way… Freinds gave me two weeks to live - I think they were running a sweep on my chances of survival! Anyhow - no problems - took it really easy and had a very enjoyable Spring/Summer of 87 on her. Loved that bike - always wanted another one day - and now look what I’ve saddled myself with! [;)]

Have fun…


I think everyone has their own theory on oil,but I have to agree with Iain when he says that regular oil changes are THE thing.
If you take a look at the spec of the oil honda recommended when the big Vees were new SE or SF was top tackle.Today you are hard to find a good oil in the sub SJ bracket.
As for viscosity, 15-40 is a throwback to my air cooled bikes in an effort to give the bearings some protection at the top end of the temperature range.
So you pays your money you takes your chance ,just change your oil regularly and dont rev the nuts off the old girl until she is good and warm.[8]

The “which oil” discussion seems to have also kicked off on the Interceptors list, however over there it appears that opinions are like arseholes - everyone has got one [:)]