oilpan gasket?

Hi there,

I want to remove and clean out the oilsump and the strainer from my 84 FE model. The parts list says there is a gasket between the crankcase and the oilpan. As it seems to be not too easy to find a new one, I wanted to ask if I can reuse the old one. What kind of gasket is it? Rubber or paper?

Thanks for your help!

hi hans, its a rubber gasket, you should probably be able to reuse the gasket if it hasn’t been squashed really flat. a very thin smear of gasket seal will help, but don’t put too much on as any excess will end up in your oil strainer thus defeating the object,
im not sure if the genuine ones are still available or not, i have in the past used after market ones which came with full gasket sets, these are ok but sometimes a little thiner than the original making them harder to seal, there’s one thing for sure, which ever way you do it, make sure you get it right first time, because its a pain if it leaks again after the exhaust has gone back on.

Thanks Pete. CMSNL still has the gaskets, but I’ve now tried to order one from my local dealer. Any hints regarding the removal of the exhaust system? Are there any gaskets I should get for the remounting?

I had mines from a local Honda dealer in Bordeaux so you must get one this way. It is cheaper than by CMSNL cos’ they charge quite a lot for P&P unless your order is over €400 or something!