For those that have painted their own bikes, what paint types have you used? The old car method was acrylic base and acrylic clear but new methods seem to be to use a 2 pac clear over whatever base coat. Is this what people have done? If so, what type of 2 pac clear given the toxicity of this product? I believe there is now a low danger 2 pac clear to use

Today’s paints are water based basecoats, then high solid lacquers, which simply means less solvents in each, but, still present.
water based basecoats need a warm airflow to force dry the paint before proceeding to the next level, decals or lacquer.
However, water based paints are intended mainly for the mainstream motor trade, solvent based basecoats (polyester) are still allowed for industrial, classic vehicle and motorcycle use, don’t let the paint shop fob you off.
Solvent based basecoats take from approximately 30 minutes drying time dependent upon room temperature, try not to go under 15 centigrade.

High solid two pack lacquers can take longer to dry without warm air flow, but it does eventually dry hard, a day or so longer, again depending on conditions, if it’s a garage in winter then expect a week.

If you’re painting your own stuff in two pack, you can use a normal good fitting rubber mask with filter for paints, but the filter has a life of not more than 20-30 minutes in a ventilated environment, probably 10 minutes in non ventilated, people react differently to two pack, covering you eyes is recomended too.

Refer to manufacturers data sheets for application, they can vary.

Thanks Philjo. Its not often we go below 15C where I live except for night in winter. Biggest issue is painting when it is 25-35C due to the paint drying too quickly.