Painting "HONDA " letters on covers

Just finished stripping and repainting my engine covers. Now I need to paint the “HONDA” letters white. I have heard that filling the letters with paint whilst covers are laid flat will make the paint self level and give a good result.
Many owners must have done this already - what method gives the best result?
As a side I am about to strip the valve covers on my RE. Were these bare aluminium clear coated or was a silver type paint applied and then clear coated?

That’s how I think my covers were done after powdercoating

Clear coat over aluminum.

If you put in the time/effort they polish out great


before !


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I’ve always assumed they have a mist coat of aluminium spray then clear coated same as the standard end cans, getting the rite colour is another mater, I’ve tried loads of different silver/aluminium off the shelf sprays, non have come near,
Polished look great, I did my fe ones like wpbarlow’, it’s a fair bit of work, but if your going for totally standard look they are a bit too shiny.

Ok try this for the letters. Hit the letters with a can of white. Slightly raise one side of cover until letters are as horizontal as possible. Fill letters with water. Make sure water covers whole of letter but that islands in the letters are dry. Now hit the letters and rest of cover with black paint. Make sure that the black paint forms a skin of paint over the water. Let dry for a minute or two then with toothpick or similar pick the skin off the water. Should come off in one piece which is what you want. Blow the water out of the letters and - viola - nice clean edged letters.
Do not use anything in the water like dishwashing liquid as this will stop the paint from forming a skin on the water and letters will not be clean.

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