Parts Catalogue

Hi, new to forum have a Vf1000Fe bought new in april 1984, been stored last 17 years and just getting back in roadworthy condition.
Engines up and running, brakes rebuilt, carbs cleaned and balanced etc. Just waiting for DRP oil kit to arrive.

I’ve downloaded the parts catalogue but this won’t install under vista
does anybody have a version that will run under vista or know a work around.

Hi, and welcome to the forum, good luck with your FE!

I haven’t fully tested the alchemy parts manual databse with Vista, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will work and don’t have a workaround for it either yet. There is a parts PDF for the FE included in the download though, if you extract the ZIP file to your HDD its in a folder called “Honda Parts Catalogue VF1000F 1984 PDF File” and the PDF is called “Honda Parts Catalogue VF1000F 1984.pdf” if you can’t find it I’ve uploaded it here


Thanks Peter, the PDF file will be a great help for the FE. Would you have a PDF file for the VF1000F2 Bol’dor - just like Biffs ( I wish )ony just bought a wrecked one off ebay, needs wheels, fairing, fairing brackets, headlight/brackets, radiator etc. Could do with fische to work out exactly whats missing.

Thanks again.