parts for 86 vf1000 f

Hi there just bought a vf1000 ff need the following parts if anyone can help It would be most appreciated so here goes

1/ r/h engine casing clutch cover

2/ rear tail light complete

3/ tail piece both side pieces preferably in silver but beggars can’t be choosers

4/ water pipe that goes from the left near gear lever under the engine and goes to the radiator on the other side, can anyone help me with the above parts can do direct bank transfer, pay pal or pick up regards Paul

hi paul,
i may be able to help you out with some of the items, i think i have the rear mud guard/tail light complete… i have some plastics but would need to check they are not damaged,
i think i have a clutch cover, but seem to think it had some gravel rash and needed painting, will have a look in garage tomorrow, if you PM me your email address i can send you some pics

cheers Pete have sent you a pm

Hi Paul, I have a complete silver and red tail piece that is in need of restoration.
If you can’t find a good one I can mail you some pictures, it may be of use.


hi Graham yes would be interested as long as all locating lugs are there have sent pm

regards paul

hello again I also need a radiator if anyone can help me out or a good place to get it reconditioned as I have been quoted £250 at the only place that does it in our area bloody rip off

regards Paul

yep that is a rip off, i took mine to wakefield radiators, cost about £80 to have it re-cored last year