Parts required for FF

Hi so I need the following parts for the FF I have just purchased:

Collector box and clamps (surprise surprise) its not blowing but is rottonnor an after market system if reasonable. Or is there someone who renovates them?

Carb rubbers the carbs are coming off for a clean out of the old bad fuel and I hear new rubbers are the only way to get them back in in a reasonable time.

Any alternative ideas for the above gratefully received!

David Silver have the card rubbers.

Hi humph cheers their website said 5 to 6 weeks but they had some OEM ones in stock All fitted and running sweet now just the collector box. Its also missing a centre stand - no big deal but easier to maintain with one so if there’s one in someone’s garage gathering dust…

I can let you have a centre stand Skullster, just got to get frame down from hanging in roof of barn and remove it !!
Bit busy at the mo with harvest ( ha ! ) but will sort asap - it’s yours anyway if you can bear with me a bit.
You can collect or I can post ?

Many thanks kfrogzx7! If you have the fittings too that would be great. I can arrange a courier to pick up at a convenient time for you or just pay you the postage costs via paypal or direct transfer in advance. There’s no rush just let me know what suits you. Good luck with the harvest!