Petrol cap gaskets


Have been in touch with a bloke in USA who can get new gaskets for the petrol cap, he only has 2 but can get more if we want so if anybody requires one of these impossible to get items please let me know and I will arrange for them to be sent over. The cost is $25 or about £19 postage will be cheaper the more we buy though import tax may be added by royal mail. At the moment there are 3 people who want one, let me know asap if you want one so I can get the order in.



Hi Gary
I’ve been a bit busy at work for the last couple of weeks so I haven’t been keeping up with the petrol cap seal situation. Having taken the fuel gauge float and sender off, it seems that I could really use a new seal for that too.
Meanwhile, put me down for 1 of whatever you eventually order please.
David L


Sure thing david, he said it would be a couple of weeks before he’d get more so will let you know when he gets back in touch.