photos of the 'HO'

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hi, hope the HO is running well, i see from the pics and having read your other posts that you made your own top end oiling kit, i bought one of the “dale walkers holeshot kits” same as dave dodge, but havent got round to fitting it yet, to be honest it dosent inspire me with confidence, i know everybody rates them, but i just dont like how the braided hoses join the sandwich plate, think a banjo type fastening would have been better if do-able…

P.S what pressure does it show on the oil gauge.

Hi Pete,

The HO runs better than i expected. maybe one day i might scrape off the rest of the tank stickers and turn it back to a HONDA [:D]

I got a sandwich plate from Earls for $55.00 which has an inlet and an outlet designed to bypass the oil through an oil cooler. I drilled out the centre to get full flow for the oil filter and hooked up a banjo fitting to each port. looked up on ebay ‘braided hoses’ and bought a length of hose that you cut to length and assembled the fittings (stainless steel), they also had the banjo bolts for the bottom. thier banjo fittings are slightly narrower so i had to cut about 4mm off the oil bolts for the heads. clear hose was fitted to the braided hose before assembly and shrink tube on the ends to seal them. fitted everything together and checked oil flow with rocker covers off when i adjusted the rockers. after about half a minate i could see oil flowing over the cams and rockers and after about a minute had to shut it down as it was giving my carbies and everything else a bath in oil. no worries with flow and cost me about $150.00 [:D] .

I have a wife, 3 kids and a mortgage so i need to save money when i can.

the guage is 100psi i got off ebay for $35.00 running at about 40psi cold idle and about 70-80psi at revs. i had a 60psi guage at first and blew the arse out of it [:O] braised a fitting onto the old oil line as i figured i wouldn’t need it anymore. be stuffed if the oil mod didn’t work hey? [:O)]

I was given this bike and can’t afford much but i love the old bikes and looking forward to doing some big test runs before taking it to Phillip Island next Feb/Mar.


Hi all.

I just added some more photos to my flickr photostream but may not interest you as they are not VF but XR and Phillip Island.



Looks like you had fun, how did the HO Go?

The ‘HO’ runs beautiful and i was very surprised when i got it up and running. Phillip Island is early next year (2013) for supers but will surely be ready for that. A lot of work went into it and is now ready for rego, then i can do some big test runs and do it legally. [:D][:D][:D]

finally got the ‘HO’ regestered and took it for a run but failed to exite me as it had some major issues. see other post in SHED for details.

Hi All,
i sorted the problems and putting the ‘HO’ back together, should be back on the road real soon. will post some more photos when i take her for a decent ride.