Picked up my '84 VF1000F :-)

G’day All,
Finally got my VF home today. Took it for registration test and
It passed easy, despite the LOUD pipes[:D]
My brother Mick is painting the black sidecover to match the correct original
one(thanks Mick)and thats really all the bike needs[8D]

The tacho doesn’t work, but after 35 years of riding I don’t really need one…I won’t be chasing the redline anyway. Needmy license to be able to earn a dollar!

The seat is faded and a little cracked so I ordered a new cover from the US in the royal blue with the VF1000 stencil on it.

The only expense I will have very soon is a new Battlax BT45 for the front. Rear is fine
And it should be on the road and in regular use very soon.

A very happy Vegemite ![8D]

nice one will, and speaking from my own experiences probably good advice to stay out of the red,

Took the sidecovers off to give my brother today, and gave the bike a thorough wash. Love the look of these engines. And the sound too[8D]

This was my other Honda V-Four. Not as comfy as the VF in my opinion.

A couple more pix from today’s detail.


Very nice indeed! Yeah I’m still too chicken to go anywhere near the red line on mine[;)]

Refitted my sidecovers the other day.

When I wheeled the bike out of the shed I thought, ‘why is this so hard to push around?’ I thought the brakes were seized or something!

As it turns out, the front tyre was flat, and the rear had only 8 psi in it![:0]
The front air loss was due to a faulty 90 degree valve extender[since removed]and the rear had a piece of staple embedded in it[:(!]

On closer inspection the front was showing age related cracks, as well as being severely cupped and well past half worn. The rear was ‘squared off’ and about half worn though obviously not as old as the front one. They are both Bridgestone BT-45’s. I’ve done some research and the VF wasn’t designed for radial tyres like the BT’s so I’ve decided to fit a set of new Pirelli Demon Sports tyres in the correct sizes.

I had the BT-45’s fitted to my last big bike, a 2007 Yamaha TDM900 and the front wore badly on that bike too despite always running the correct pressures. I’ve read a lot of good things on the Pirelli’s and being a crossply construction they should work well. Here’s hoping[:D]

Nice VF William!

Very nice VF!