pipes not connected to nowhere

[:)]Could anyone please tell Me where these two black pipes connect to.
Found them like this when I lifted the tank off
I going through the bike ready for next year recently purchased but I want everything correct.
My brother thinks they should be connected to the air box somewhere
he says …They appear to be diaphram atmospheric hoses these are normally attached to either the emissions system )drip back valve ect or go to two pipes that come out of the air filter

Any help would be appreciated[?]

photo link below


in the parts listing its labeled


They push fit into the large alloy airbox base once it is fitted over the carbs, and they should have small rubber o-rings where they fit into it. You should see 2 holes under the airbox base that align with these pipes.

Because I took off just the alloy part of the box I could not see how it connected

Thankyou again

Lloyd in Norwich

If you plan to remove the carbs, bolt the airbox back first. Otherwise fuel pipes between carbs will probably break when you pry them away. The carbs are quite keen to stay where they are, no matter if they are in or out.