Pipes ?

What the hell sort of silencers are these ?
Look a bit as tho’they’re off a little stroker !!!


VF1000FE & ZX7R

hehe we were laughing about them last nite, think they would strangle that mighty V-Four engine [:)]

Me thinks they’re called gazelle’s. I’m pretty sure that they look like the same pipes that were fitted to Classic Motorcycle Mechanics VF1000R!

Remember, bigger is not always better, oh er matron. It has more to do with the overall gas flow speed and if the collector box is standard or not, also what kind of silencing, if any it has!

My Cosworth ran better and made more power on a 3" system than on a 4" and my 2.8I Capri has a 1 7/8" system which is better than a 2" exhaust apparently.

So next time she complains remember a smaller diameter is better!!!

be safe be happy and don’t let anyone make you afraid

Yes , point taken over " size isn’t neccessarily everything " in exhaust systems anyway, but I think they look rather “wrong” all the same !!
Gazelles eh, where they from and are they still available do you know ?
I really like the look of the ( sound isn’t bad either, compared with my current Lasers anyway ) oe pipes but new replacements are quite pricey from Dave Silver – at least they are when you’re trying to save beer money for the TT week !!!

VF1000FE & ZX7R

D&D make exhausts for the R which helps with the tinitus problem you will have; I’ve been looking at a 2-1 system for mine, abit like an RC30 exhaust so doing away with the collector box, which should save some weight and maybe a little more power? Prices I was quoted by a local exhaust fabricator was £675 in stainless steel. However, he’s never done a 1000, lots of vf750/800 before so he will have to make from scratch which can take up to 2 weeks. My other choice is to go for the RS850 system which I can get but it means changing the seat, wiring, etc and it gets hot enough already thank you, without sitting on top of the exhaust!

If anyone has used a system like this could they let me know how they got on?