Plastic panel repairs/refurbishment

Hi, I have just registered with VF1000 owners forum. I recently bought a VF1000F2 Bol Dor (red) which is in great condition for its age. However the fairing panels do have some damage; i.e lugs broken off on the lower panels and cracks around the front indicators. Any advice regarding where best plastic panels could be repaired /refurblished?

Hi and welcome to the forum, in my opinion the best way to repair the panels is to have heated staples put into the back of the panel this is better than plastic welding, the staples come in all shapes and sizes and the ends go into a heat gun which melts the plastic on the inside of the fairing and when pushed in and twisted slightly and left to cool for a few seconds remove the heat gun from the staple ends and trim the staples, the repair is strong and very durable and does not effect the paint on the fairing