Possible new owner needs advice -

hey all-
i’m a member of a couple other forums for my older VFR800 and have found it to be really useful so i’m hoping this is just as helpful.
quick intro - name’s david, live in southern california. 42, love all types of bikes but seem to be drawn to bikes from my childhood. first bike was an '86 interceptor 500 (got full fairing). always loved the look of the vf1000r and also the yamaha fzr400. fzr’s are hard to find now that aren’t completely thrashed or modded. seems the vfr1000r’s are much more well preserved, possibly because they were too heavy (and probably expensive) for serious racing i guess. seem to have mature owners as well.
anyways i found a cheap 85 vf1000r that needs some work. i have two questions:

  1. ballpark figure to get it restored. not a show bike, but a great looking original bike that’s an every day rider. immediate issues are a starter motor, tank needs paint/decals, obviously a full service, new tires, seat, rear cowl, brakes. i’m a shade tree mechanic and not extremely familiar with these bikes so wondering if there are any huge money issues with the engine that would be a surprise to adjust/fix. everything else seems solid, not a lot or corrosion or rust.
  2. i know everyone hates dealers but there’s one right down the street from me that has done ok work that i have a relationship with. is this bike something they can work on or is it out of their normal mechanic’s skills? is there a place/person that specializes in these types of bikes that someone knows of?
    Any help much appreciated, thanks -


[8D]First off
Dont be afraid of these models
They are in my opinion easy to work on,My vf starter had to be stripped and I rebuilt it with new brushes and now it perfect again(job difficulty level 5/10.grind a slot in the 3 bolts and then remove,reuse as obsolete part number from Honda.
Ebay is the best source for parts.this forum is perfect ,I could not have done my one with out it.Decals from CB decals.com I think in the USA ,not cheap but available,brakes are easy download the free pdf manuals from this site.
fit a Dave dodge oil kit see my breakdown with pictures to keep the motor healthy

[?]if you have questions send me a message and I will do-my best to answer
My vf is now off the road for winter but will be out there in about June time 2012

regards Lloyd in England[:D]